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Seeking out high-performing investments and partnerships globally 



Zen is located in Vancouver BC, Canada. We seek to invest capital with experienced managers in one of our preferred niche markets. The ideal manager to match Zen’s preference will have the expertise and focus on their chosen market, with which we can identify. Our investment philosophy has its roots in our Board’s Asian experience, since 1984, though. We have been based in Western Canada for 25 years. Our executive team has both “hands-on” company experience since 1995 and has strategically been investing in fund managers since 2001.

Today, our core strategy is to seek out top-quartile managers in the alternative investment market, primarily choosing long-only funds in the precious metals space, hedge funds and select venture capital. 

We believe in capital preservation first, then balancing consistent risk/reward strategies. Ideally, we seek managers recommended to us by a member of our established network and aligned with our appropriate investable growth assets philosophy.

We look for consistency in a manager’s approach. Ideally, the philosophy of any of our chosen investee funds is one we believe will achieve (or has achieved) excellent annual returns and aligned with our macro views on the market. A prime indication for us of choice of manager is that they have a large portion of their personal wealth in their own fund. 

The Zen Board enjoys decades of experience spanning 3 continents. Investment products have included private equity, venture and angel capital, and “one-off” M & A opportunities, including the provision of services of a Director, whenever our investments exceed a certain level, usually in a listed vehicle for liquidity purposes.




Zen’s Board enjoys a rich and diverse history of direct corporate and investment management at both advisory and Board levels over the last 40 years.


Zen’s Asian relationships developed have resulted in invitations to participate with a successful Malaysian entrepreneur in multiple direct investment start-ups based in Malaysia or Thailand and Advisory Board to become one of the most successful PE funds in Vietnam. 

Zen’s focus in recent years has been to seek partnerships with strategic alternative investment managers and, in turn, oversee chosen reliable and consistent managers of boutique funds.



Zen Capital and Mergers supports local charities that foster education in BC, the UK and Asia. These causes are close to the heart of Zen’s management and Directors. The primary beneficiaries are the provision of education, water to drink, and beds to keep young people off the streets. 


Some of the projects Zen has sponsored to date have been in Africa (Kenya, Uganda) (water), Myanmar (education), England (education), and locally in British Columbia (Arts Umbrella and The Covenant House)​.


9260 222 St. Langley, BC, V1M 3T7



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