Zen manages the funds of a single family office and specialises in smaller “Private Equity” style investments. We partner with one or more like thinking privately run family investment offices both locally and internationally. At Zen, we succeed if we help a venture attain fresh “peaks” of value which is sustainable. Alongside our capital, strategic guidance (“piloting”) is provided to investee management in structuring and deploying their businesses to become mid to long term investments. Otherwise, we have no fixed timeline.


  • Our preferred style is to co-invest alongside management who are expected to have real personal “skin in the game.”

  • Our intention is to generate early realisable income streams, where management has presented to us genuinely value-orientated and sustainable ventures and identified the weakness they currently face.

  • Our services include syndicating risk, providing overlapping but complementary skill base to create some identifiable value

  • Our primary focus is to provide both growth capital and “hands on piloting”, based on our experience or similar ventures in order to release trapped value

  • Our investments are likely to be at the C$1m to C$5m level in aggregate, even where we are working with a co-investors

  • Our aim is to add 5x to 10x in value, to “feed” the PE firms who seek C$10m+ EBITDA in their investments


We manage a small Family Office based in BC, but with investments and experience derived globally, over 25+ years. When we invest, it is either using our own money or raised by what we loosely refer to as Telephone Equity. Having an adaptable investment platform allows a wide range in diversification in investment opportunities which vary and have varied in size, sector and geography.  

We have no fixed exit events or timetable, but usually will be for 2 to 7 years.

This means our parameters are likely different from typical alternative small fund sources in BC. One of the main differences is we are not bound by any arbitrary time frame therefore meaning we do not have to reach harvest of investments by a certain date like other funds and investors often have to. We work with investee management to pursue a detailed strategy best for the business not just the investor. As good discipline some form of pre-agreed exit strategy will be reached in the initial binding agreement. 

Alignment of all interests is our core driver. 

When we become investors, we act together with investees, other stakeholders and management to try and solve any issues their business might face. We focus on developing what are effectively corporate virtual “partnerships”. We believe in lasting relationships with aligned management teams as well as those who share our values and goals.


The requirement for management’s own substantial investment and sharing of the risk, up front, is an important part of that alignment.

Zen seeks to bring a wide range of experience to the right opportunities. Representing a family office we try to be nimble and efficient. All of our investments remain important to us. Staying small enables us to move promptly to make decisions and to decline an opportunity, where we believe it is the right decision for the party in question. We actively pursue opportunities where we believe we can unlock value together with investees and our co-investing partners.

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