Since 1987, in Hong Kong (e.g. a local broking house, Laing Cruickshank to become part of a French International banking group), Indonesia (turn around of a suspended Hong Kong listed oil company, operating on the island of Bunyu), Malaysia (a bank dispute over ownership of an island called Pulau Besar), and a company specializing in production of a sweetener from the stevia plant, a natural sweetener), Australia (property development in Newcastle), A British Columbia based mining, company based in Ecuador (in the region of Machala), Thailand (a waterpark at Pattaya) for examples of geographic and business diversity.   


Our Chairman has always been in the business of release of value from an undervalued position. Our philosophy is based on building genuine if informal “partnerships” with co-investors and investee businesses. We seek to assist the building of investee wealth by the increase in value to reach “new peaks” not attained before. Senior management of Zen has been involved in turnaround projects as well as startups.




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