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Zen’s global investment reach to-date in its investment portfolio has been a function of invitations by contacts built up over 25+ years. New investment opportunities since 2015 are primarily focused in Western Canada, and we are actively considering new businesses to add to our portfolio. 




  • The growth phase or turn around of business, which may involve restructuring, transition or assisting an companes with getting (back) on its feet

  • Potential acquisition of entire capital, versus partial investment, if requested by the shareholders, in a business where it’s clearly the best solution for that business.

  • To be effective, we must have the power to choose fresh management to assist an owner facing challenges or succession planning, which he or she accurately assesses as requiring change

  • Usually co-invests informally on what we name Telephone Equity, where we invite co-investors (parties we have known for some time) to invest alongside, or they call us and make a similar informal invitation to invest alongside them as Me Too Capital.

  • We are not a traditional Private Equity Fund. 

  • Our "hands on" support of a company is expected to be temporary, solving one or more identifiable issues to be faced - providing that company what we name Piloting Expertise- i.e., short-term vital assistance usually to the CEO

  • Our advisory business includes short or long term secondments of Zen employees to different businesess where Zen has a direct or inderect financial interest. 

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