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Trust & Transparency On All Sides: Hope to build long term relationships with co-investors, investees, stakeholders and any other source of funds key to Zen. As a result, Zen leverages decades of entrepreneurial experience and networks with the international reach of its Board, to assist companies at both earlier or later stages in their growth.


Flexible Approach to Structure: Makes it possible for Zen to rely on knowledge available to its Executives and Directors over various market sectors to offer assistance in unique investment opportunities. Given this approach, Zen has had the opportunity to manage or at least be part of the growth of a number of investments across a wide market spectrum of private opportunities, over the last 20 years.


Sector and Geographic Region Agnostic: Enabled the Zen investment team (and its preferred co-investors) to adjust to changing market dynamics and industry shifts, without any need to commit to fixed target parameter of returns.



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